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Who We Are (About Us Page)

Who we are

We’re a team of established golf professionals, all with a huge passion for coaching and helping our members to step up their game.

This passion culminated in the launch of Tee Box in 2018. Giving golfers in London a place to learn, practice and play golf like never before.

Who We Are (About Us Page) (1)

Our game plan

To make every golfer step up to the first tee with absolute confidence.

Giving them total understanding of their golf swing and complete control of the golf ball.

The hazards…

The biggest hazard to improvement is time itself.

Living and working in the City of London means a round of golf, or a bucket of balls, is hard to find time for.

Then there’s the hazard of too much information. Golf is the easiest game in the world to make over complex.

Lack of time and bad information means improving at golf becomes an almost impossible task.

The Hazards

…and how to avoid them

Time is no longer a hazard with Tee Box. We’re slap bang in the middle of the City. People can come and play 9 holes of the world’s best courses in 30 minutes using our class leading Trackman 4 simulators.

Information overload is smashed by our instructors. Each is well educated in many fields inc. TrackMan club and ball data, biomechanics, performance coaching, golf psychology and on course performance.

Giving you the essential knowledge to improve and practice in a meaningful, time effective way.

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The Venue
The Venue
The Venue
The Venue

The Venue

We are situated in the heart of the City of London. The initial appearance of a private members bar is shattered with the sound of the Trackman simulator bays in full swing.

Our instructors and bays are ready to be booked for play, tuition and practice.

Sofas also occupy our bigger bays, so letting a meeting get in the way of a few holes is encouraged.


At Tee Box, we ensure our golf professionals are the highest qualified coaches available to offer golf lessons in London. That’s why we ensure that they complete a Tee Box Instructor Certification before entrusting them with your golf game. Every single Tee Box instructor is well educated in many fields essential to improving your golf game inc. TrackMan Club and Ball data, Biomechanics, Performance Coaching, Golf Psychology and on course performance. Tee Box consult with some of the leading authorities in their related golf fields, whether it being the world’s best golf coaches or golf scientists in such fields as forces and torques, our Certified Golf Coaches relay this essential information to you, the client, in a very simple and effective manner, to get the absolute most from your Golf Lesson Improvement Programme, offering you an unrivaled standard of Golf Lessons in London

Who we are

Top Tee Box Golf Locations in London

Tee Box Indoor Golf,
Leadenhall Street

88 Leadenhall Street, London, EC3A 3BP.

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Tee Box Indoor Golf,
st. Pauls

33 Gutter Lane, Priest’s Ct, London, EC2V 8AS.

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