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The 2022 Order of Merit is a three 9-hole round event running from 1st February  to 31st March 2022. As well as a 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize for the overall OOM, there are prizes for the winner of each individual round and the highest scoring individual stableford score for the whole competition.


1. You are only allowed one attempt at each round, although, you are able to play and practice on the same courses as much as you like ahead of your attempt

2. Putting is turned off for all rounds of the OOM and is set to “Handicap Auto Putting”.


Putt like your Handicap. The game will auto-putt based on probability calculations tied to your Handicap. For example, a putt from 10ft will have a 30% 1-putt probability for a zero handicap golfer, but a 19% 1-putt probability for a 20 handicap golfer. Gimmes do not apply.

3. New for the 2022 Order of Merit is the Trackman handicap, to compete in the order of merit you will need to have one or obtain one before you start. They are very simple to get, you may in fact already have one from playing virtual golf previously. All you need to do is play a minimum of 18 holes of virtual golf after signing in with your Trackman App QR code or manual Trackman login details you will be given a Trackman handicap.

4. Your Trackman Handicap will be calculated and adjusted after every round of the “2022 Order of Merit” in accordance with the World Handicap System, with each virtual golf course having its own slope rating assigned. If you would like to learn more about Trackman Indoor Handicaps and how to obtain yours, click here

5. If you miss a round in the order of merit, that is not a problem, the points you accumulate from your other rounds will still contribute towards your overall OOM score so you still have a great chance of winning!

6. You must complete your round in one attempt. It is not possible to start a round and return to it at a later time

7. Mulligans are turned off