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Whether you’re stepping onto the Tee Box for the first time or striving to perfect your swing as a scratch golfer, our comprehensive golf lessons are tailored to suit your skill level and goals.

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Why You Should Choose Tee Box To Play Your Best Golf Ever

Unleash Your Golfing Potential

Picture this: a dedicated team of expert golf coaches with years of experience and a genuine passion for improving your game. That’s exactly what you’ll find at Tee Box. Our mission is crystal clear – transforming your golfing experience and helping you achieve your best.

Cutting-Edge Technology for Unparalleled Improvement

What sets us apart? It’s our unwavering commitment to innovation. Tee Box London proudly has industry-leading TrackMan technology, giving you insights into your game that were once reserved for the pros. Combined with our personalised coaching plans, this technology becomes your ticket to a new level of golfing excellence.

A Golf Journey Like No Other

Imagine a place where your golfing dreams become reality. Tee Box London is not just a facility, it’s a realm of possibilities. Our team crafts a tailored learning experience that perfectly fits your needs and goals. Whether you’re looking to perfect your swing, enhance your technique, or enjoy the game more, we have the blueprint for your success.

If you are ready to embark on a journey of golfing transformation, The Tee Box Team is here to guide you every step of the way. Whether you’re teeing off for the first time or seeking to shave those extra strokes off your game, our experts are dedicated to turning your aspirations into achievements.

all levels welcome

We work with players of all ages and abilities, from beginners looking to get started, to scratch golfers looking to advance

Beginner golf lessons


Top Equipment

Learn with the best gear. The latest Taylormade and Callaway gear is provided in every golf lesson. We can even match clubs to your exact specifications from our customer fitting display

Learn anytime

With 2 convenient city of london locations, an army of golf coaches and flexible opening times, you can take golf lessons before, during or after work. There are no barriers at Tee Box to your improvement.

Begin Your Golf Journey: Swing Evaluation

New to Tee Box London? Kickstart your improvement journey with a 50-minute Golf Swing Evaluation. From beginners to scratch golfers, this session allows you meet your Tee Box coach and set the foundation for progress.
get started with a swing evaluation

Performance enhancing technology

All Golf lessons at Tee Box include the industry-leading Trackman 4 launch monitor and dual UHD Swing Video Analysis, as used by 49 of the top 50 golfers in the world.

Trackman 4 is a weapon of mass instruction honing in on changes that drive the most improvement in your golf game, whilst delivering them in a simple and highly effective manner.

Elite level PGA golf coaches

From your very first Swing Evaluation at Tee Box, you can choose your golf coach. Our coaches are handpicked and certified through our Tee Box certification before being entrusted with your golf game. As a result, every lesson you have at Tee Box will be with the most qualified golf professional in London, helping you play your best golf ever.

Meet the Tee Box coaching team

Elite level PGA golf coaches
Level up your putting

Level up your putting

Alongside regular lessons, take putting lessons at Tee Box St.Pauls on our state of the art putt studio, including Zen Tilting greenstage, SAM Putt Lab and video analysis.

The tilting greenstage enables us to replicate any gradient of putt outdoors, providing an unrivaled setup in London to improve and hole more putts!

Quantify your improvement

Get your online performance account when taking golf lessons at Tee Box. After every lesson, your Tee Box coach will upload all the ball, club and video data from your last lesson and post-lesson video analysis.

As a result, you can track your progress effortlessly throughout your lessons with us.


We score 4.9/5 on Google. 362 reviews


Doing lessons and practice at Tee Box massively reduced my handicap. Can’t recommend it enough!

Will Spring

Golf Lessons Customer

Great location, amazing tech, and the great teaching. I’ve had a handful of lessons and the improvements in my game have been amazing. Highly recommended.

Ibiyemi David Olatunde

Golf Lessons Customer

A top class facility in the heart of the City with excellent instructors and a great range of lesson and membership packages. Multiple Trackman launch monitors and SAM Putt Lab make it the ideal place to improve your game. Highly recommended.

Matthew Rose

Golf Lessons Customer

Absolutely top world class service, coaching and facility! Great and friendly environment and always supportive. Love the whole journey with the post lesson video reviews and really could see the results of the first few lessons on the golf course! Thank you guys!
Strongly recommend and can’t wait to be back for some more lessons and practice.

Alexander Dimitar Stoyanov

Golf Lessons Customer

Pricing and plans

swing evaluation


  • 50-minute swing evaluation with a Tee Box Coach
  • Trackman Technology
  • Video review to takeaway
  • Full data report

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Individual lessons

From £80 (Tee Box members)
From £90 (Non-members)

  • 50-minute golf lesson with a Tee Box coach
  • Trackman Technology
  • Video review to takeaway
  • Full data report

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From £310 (Tee Box members)
From £350 (Non-members)

  • 4 to 12 Golf Lesson Plans
  • Trackman Technology
  • Remote Practice Feedback
  • Block Book Lessons
  • Before vs After analysis

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Your golf journey might raise questions. We’re here to answer your questions about lessons, coaches and what to expect. Feel free to reach out with your queries by clicking the button below.

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Craig Skudder

Craig Skudder

Member: £100 | Non-Member: £110

I’ve spent my entire working life in and around golf, playing, studying and coaching. I have spent many years coaching and experimenting with several swing methods from start to finish… Learn more about Craig

Jon Fitzpatrick

Jon Fitzpatrick

Member: £90 | Non-Member: £100

Jon brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from a golf career which started as an amateur, attaining a plus-rated handicap of +1.6. Having turned professional... Learn more about Jon

Matt Leach

Matt Leach

Member: £100 | Non-Member: £110

I’m here to help you play better golf. I’ve been coaching the game of golf for over a decade and had many successes along the way. I have experience coaching golf professionals, VIPs, celebrities, high-net-worth individuals... Learn more about Matt


Martin Chalcraft

Member: £90 | Non-Member: £100

Martin is a professional golf coach at Tee Box St.Pauls, EC2V 8AS.

His prices for an individual 50-minute golf lesson start at:£100 for non-members£90 for members… Learn more about Martin

James Heard

James Heard

Member: £90 | Non-Member: £100

Back in 2017 I was able to reduce my handicap from 24 to 3. I did this with a well-structured innovative improvement plan and dedication to achieve a specific aim… Learn more about James


Oli Tucker

Member: £90 | Non-Member: £100

Tired of the frustration of inconsistent golf and not seeing the improvement you desire? Meet Oli Tucker, dedicated to helping you play better golf now and guiding you... Learn more about Oli


Carl Morfoot

Member: £90 | Non-Member: £100

I know why you’re here, and we’ve all been there. If you’re frustrated with your golf, knowing what you’re capable of, but not producing the results consistently, you’re in the right place… Learn more about Carl

Liam McCrossan

Liam McCrossan (Co-Founder)

Member: £90 | Non-Member: £100

My goal is to help you enjoy your golf on the course, by enjoying the process of improvement on our unique driving range in London. Don’t hesitate to contact me about your golf… Learn more about Liam

Harry Varney

Harry Varney (Co-Founder)

Member: £90 | Non-Member: £100

During my 15 years as golf instructor, 10 of which have been teaching golf in the City of London, I have built a reputation as being one of the best golf professionals in London, alongside… Learn more about Harry

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