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To mark the launch of our 2nd site, Tee Box Leadenhall, we are releasing 40 brand new Tee Box founder memberships.

When we opened Tee Box St.Pauls in September 2019, we sold founder memberships to a select few who had supported us on our journey so far and are now offering you the opportunity to join this exclusive group. Read on to learn more about the founder memberships available and their many founder benefits.


By joining our exclusive founder membership group, you will receive some fantastic benefits unavailable on any of our other regular membership options. Read on to learn more.

*Existing Tee Box Founder members receive the same benefits

Personalised Founder Merchandise

After joining as a founder member, you will receive your choice of personalised Tee Box “Lyle and Scott” shirt and jumper. Perfect for wearing during your sessions at Tee Box or out on the golf course. You will also receive a founder Tee Box membership card.

Founder Discount

As a founder member of Tee Box, you receive a discount equivalent to more than 7 weeks free every year. Your founder membership subscription will also be fixed for the entire length of your membership, avoiding any potential future membership price increases.

Any brand new members to Tee Box who join as a founder member also avoid paying any joining fee. Ka-ching!

Locker Priority*

Alongside the launch of Tee Box Leadenhall, we will be installing 40 lockers to store full sets of golf clubs. We will be releasing 20 lockers at both our St.Pauls and Leadenhall sites, and anticipate demand to be very high for these lockers. As a founder member, you will be given first priority on a locker so if you are keen to secure yourself somewhere to store your golf clubs at Tee Box, we strongly suggest you become a founder member today so you don’t miss out!

2-Bay Reservation*

If you regularly entertain clients, colleagues or friends, the ability to hire 2-simulators at one time as part of your founder membership, could be the perfect benefit for you. This is exclusive to founder members and is ideal for hosting small events or gatherings

Priority Competition Entry*

We have some fantastic events and competitions planned this year at both of our Tee Box sites. As a founder member, you will get priority entry to ALL our limited entry events, including the opportunity to play alongside your Tee Box Professional in our planned Indoor and Outdoor 2022 Pro-Ams


To become a founder member of Tee Box, complete the founder Membership Form below.

Shortly after signing up, you will receive an email confirmation that your founder membership has been set up. Your founder membership will begin on the 11th of April 2022, however, you will be able to start booking your sessions 2-weeks in advance of this.

If you are already a monthly Tee Box member, after signing up for a founder membership your monthly subscription will automatically end on the 31st of March 2022.

If you are currently an annual member of Tee Box, after signing up for a founder membership, you will be refunded for the remaining months of your annual membership as of the 31st March 2022, and will receive email confirmation of this refund.

We are only offering 40 new founder memberships in total and the offer ends 11th of April, so hurry if you want to become a member of this exclusive group and join our original 40 founder members today!


Came by to do a swing analysis and immediately saw the value of the data (through trackman) / instruction provided by the guys at Tee Box. Liam is an awesome coach, and seems to teach me at least one thing each session that helps improve my swing and build the consistency i’m looking for. Great facility, only problem is an hour each sesh is never enough! Trackman courses are epic.

Lester De Leon

18 Handicap, Muswell Hill


Very professional, knowledgeable staff. The facilities are the best I’ve used and the TrackMan analysis shines a light directly into the dark corners of my swing, making real improvement possible.

Julian Lavin

24 Handicap, Sandy Lodge Golf Club


A great place in the city for golf. Harry is a fantastic coach, extremely knowledgeable and provides clear and concise feedback and tasks for you to achieve. The team are very friendly and welcoming and I look forward to improving.

James Crown

7 Handicap, Brocket Hall Golf Club

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