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In these terms and conditions (the “Conditions”), any reference herein to

Application Form” means the online form validly filled in with the relevant Member’s details applying for membership at TeeBox.

Club” means any of TeeBox’s premises offering golf practice, lesson and related facilities.

Member” means the member named on the Application Form having been accepted by TeeBox.

Membership” is the membership subscription by a Member of a Club.

Membership Fee“ refers to the fees payable by the Member relating to its Membership.

TeeBox” means Quant Golf Ltd, company number 11117585 and whose registered office is at The Forum, 33 Gutter Lane, City of London, EC2V 8AS.



Membership is subject to these Conditions as amended from time to time by TeeBox.

The submission of an Application Form by a Member constitutes an application to Tee Box to become a Member of the Club subject to these Conditions. TeeBox reserves the right, acting in its sole and absolute discretion, to reject any application for Membership.

Membership is available to individuals of 18 years of age and over, subject to status and availability.

If accepted onto a Membership, the Member consents to having their photograph taken by Tee Box to confirm their identity upon entry, and consents to having their photograph taken at any time whilst using the facilities, excluding withing any changing rooms. TeeBox reserves the right to use any such photographs for press and/or other promotional purposes.

Membership is subject to a 6-month minimum term, subject to the Cooling-Off Period (as defined below).


Switching membership

A Member may apply to switch to a different Membership type during the term of their existing Membership.

A Member cannot switch to a Membership type with a shorter minimum term than their then existing Membership term.

Any months elapsed on their then existing Membership prior to any swtich shall not be credited towards the minimum term of the new Membership.

A Member may only move onto a Membership type and rate available at the time of the switch. These may vary from Membership types available at the Member’s time of joining.


No carry over of credits

Practice and/or play sessions sold as part of the individual Member’s Membership shall expire at the end of the month. Any such remaining sessions credited on a Member’s Membership will not carry over to the following month and any residual credits or rights relating to that Membership shall be extinguised fully upon cancellation of the Membership.



Initial Fees

Members shall pay an initial joining fee (the “Joining Fee”) and pro-rata amount for the remainder of the month (calculated by reference to the actual number of days remaining in the month divided by the actual number of days in such month of joining) (the “Pro-Rata Fee”) upon their Application Form being accepted by TeeBox.

The payment of the Joining Fee and Pro-Rata Fee is not refundable under any circumstances and each member will receive a welcome pack upon payment.

Neither the Joining Fee nor the Pro-Rata Fee will be counted towards the Member’s first full monthly membership payment and will not count towards the minimum 6-month Membership term.


Payment of monthly fees

Membership is payable in advance, either fully or monthly as per the Membership type selected. The Membership Fee shall accrue on a daily basis over the course of a month and where the Member elects to cancel their Membership (in accordance with  Condition 4 (CANCELLING OR PAUSING YOUR MEMBERSHIP) below, the Membership Fee shall be paid up to the relevant date upon which cancellation is effective.


The Membership Fee will be payable by direct debit on or around the 1st of each month from the bank account provided by the Member. In the event that the Member falls into arrears in respect of any fee payable to TeeBox, all arrears must be settled before the Member can use the Club.


Membership fees can go up

Monthly Membership Fees may be increased at the discretion of and at any time by TeeBox, to take effect after the Member’s minimum term subject to at least one calendar months’ notice (either in writing or by email to the Member’s provided email address).


Discounted fees

Any discounted Membership options are offered on the basis that the Member can provide proof of eligibility relating to the terms of such Membership. TeeBox reserves the right to cancel any promotional or discounted Membership options at any time. Members shall pay the full fee for their Membership type until any such proof of eligiblity is to the satisfaction of TeeBox.


Lost payment card

If a Member loses or has their specified payment card invalidated, the Member will need to prove new valid payment card details to TeeBox within 48 hours of being requested to do so. If they fail to do so, their Membership will be cancelled and the residual Membership Fees for their Membership term shall be accelerated and due to be paid immediately.



Cooling off period

Members may elect to cancel their Membership within 14 calendar days of commencement (the “Cooling-Off Period”). However the Member agrees that the Pro-Rata Fee and the Joining Fee shall not be refunded if cancellation is exercised.


Cancellation following expiry of 6 month minimum term only

Members on a monthly Membership contract following the 6 month minimum term (“Minimum Membership Term”) may cancel their Membership after or with effect from the end of the minimum term, by giving one full calendar month’s advance notice by email to [email protected], with such cancellation to be effective from the 1st of the following month.


If a Member has requested to cancel their Membership prior to the expiry of the Minimum Membership Term, the Member shall pay to Tee Box on the effective date of cancellation the aggregate amount of the remaining Membership Fees owed for the months remaining up to and including the expiry of the Minimum Membership Term. For example, if the Member had paid 2 months of Membership Fees at the time of the effective cancellation of its Membership, on the date of cancellation the Member shall pay to TeeBox an amount equal to 4 months of Membership Fees.


A TeeBox team member will endeavour to promptly respond to all cancellation requests. If, however, confirmation of cancellation is not received, the Member is responsible for re-submitting or otherwise reminding TeeBox of the cancellation request.


Where the payment method is made by way of direct debit, the Member is responsible for ensuring their bank cancels the direct debit instruction after the final payment has been made.


TeeBox is not obliged to refund any fees where the Member has not cancelled the instruction and cannot provide proof of a valid cancellation request. All Membership Fees must be paid to date at the time of cancellation.


Any Memberships which are paid in full will expire automatically at the end of the specified term, unless the Member chooses to renew their Membership.

No refunds are applicable for any portion of fees paid upfront, excluding in the following circumstances:

  • redundancy/employment dismissal;
  • permanent illness; and
  • permanent injury preventing simulator usage,

each, an “Extenuating Circumstance”.


Valid documentation may be requested as proof of and be satisfactory to TeeBox in the case of any Extenuation Circumstance claimed by the Member wishing to cancel the Membership.


Pausing Membership

Members can only pause Membership in relation to an Extenuating Circumstance, provided that valid documentation is provided as proof of and is satisfactory to TeeBox. Any request to pause the Membership must be submitted by email to [email protected] and attach proof of Extentuating Circumstances in the same email. The request to pause the membership shall be effective 7 calendar days from notice is given, provided that TeeBox is satisfied with the evidence provided relating to such Extenuating Circumstances.


A Membership can be paused for a maximum of [6] months (“Maximum Pause Period”) from the effective date of the Membership being paused.


If a Member elects to unpause their Membership prior to the end of the Maximum Pause Period and notifies TeeBox of such, the Member must pay the Joining Fee in order to unpause their Membership and the remaining term of their Membership prior to pausing shall continue.


If a Member does not elect to unpause their Membership either during the Maximum Pause Period or following its expiry automatically, the Membership shall be deemed to be cancelled. If the Member, at the time of initially pausing their Membership, had not paid up its Membership Fees for the full Minimum Membership Term, the Member shall pay to TeeBox the aggregate of its remaining Membership Fees up to the end of the Minimum Membership Term.


Transferring Membership

Should a Member be unable to use the Club for the remainder of its Membership term, the Member may apply to transfer its Membership to another eligible person (as determined by TeeBox). The Member is responsible for finding someone, who is not already a Member of TeeBox, to take over the balance of the Membership.


A transfer fee will apply as per the Club’s then existing price schedule. Both the existing Member (where possible) and the new proposed member must attend the relevant Club to complete the transfer application which will not be deemed complete until an Application Form has been completed and signed by the new proposed member and TeeBox has accepted that person as a Member

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