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“This is an incredible putting studio, boasting the best putting technology available and highly expert tuition”.

Phill Kenyon, World-leading putting coach


Putting Lessons

We have the highest qualified putting coaches in the UK, part of Phil Kenyon’s putting team. Using state-of-the-art technology, we’ll have you shaving strokes on the green in no time


putter fitting

Phil Kenyon has bought his Tour Proven fitting process to Tee Box. Learn more about getting fit for the perfect putter at Tee Box, with one of Phil’s highly qualified fitting experts


The world’s best at tee box london

With season-long performance coaching resulting in multiple FedEx Cup and Race To Dubai victories, over 70 Tour wins, including 4 majors, on the PGA Tour and European Tour, Phil Kenyon is modern golf’s most sought-after putting specialist.


I looked at all the guys Phil works with and none of them looked the same, they all putt differently, they all have their different mannerisms, so I knew Phil wasn’t going to have me get into a certain position I didn’t want to be in or felt uncomfortable with.
rory mcIlroy
Professional golfer
Tommy Fleetwood

He’s the ultimate professional, impeccable work ethic and doesn’t stop until we’ve achieved our task. He is always there either in person or on the telephone when I need him
Tommy Fleetwood
Professional Golfer

My work with Phil over the years has reaped reward! I’ve gone from never being inside the top 100 to being one of the better putters on tour! He has helped me separate the science behind the stroke and the art of putting and created strategies that take care of both.
Justin Rose
Professional golfer

Putting technology at Tee Box

Our state-of-the-art facility offers the world’s best putting technology, including an adjustable Zen Green Stage which can create an almost infinite number of putts to be analysed using software from world-leading brands such as Quintic, SAM Puttlab and GASP….

SAM Puttlab

Science and Motion’s PuttStudio is the world’s most accurate and comprehensive putting analysis and training system. PuttStudio combines SAM’s PuttLab system with their Balance Lab software (pressure mapping) as well as video analysis & 3D visualization of your stroke to help analyze all the important parameters of your putting stroke and displays the results in easy to understand graphic reports.


Zen Green Stage

The Zen Green Stage is adjustable in seconds to within +/- 0.1% of a gradient, while you stand on it. Simple to use, safe, and engineered to world-class standards to create the most realistic experience away from the golf course  Using the Zen Green Stage at TeeBox is a wonderful way to learn to read & practice breaking putts.

Quintic Ball Roll

Quintic Ball Roll utilises a high-speed camera to track the putter and golf ball throughout the impact zone of either a right handed or left handed player. The Quintic Ball Roll system automatically measures over 45 parameters regarding the putter and ball, both graphically and numerically.


GASP Lab Putting

GASP Lab Putting combines multi camera HD High Speed Camera support with integration with SAM Puttlab. It allows us to analyse your putting with a range drawing tools, slow-motion playback, video overlay and side by side comparison.  And show this alongside the data from the SAM Puttlab

Putting lessons

Just need a one-off or handful of lessons to get you back in the game? Our PGA coaches are here to help.

putter fittings

Just need a one-off or handful of lessons to get you back in the game? Our PGA coaches are here to help.

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