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We have installed 40 lockers across both our St.Pauls and Leadenhall sites. Each hand-made wooden locker, finished in Tee Box brand colours, is fitted with a secure combination lock and can store a complete set of golf clubs.

Without a locker, it will not be possible to store your clubs at Tee Box, so If you would like to reserve your locker today, complete the locker registration form below. Locker allocation will be on a first-come-first-served basis. If there are no lockers available, you will be placed on a locker waiting list


See the prices below for locker rental at Tee box and select the correct subscription type for you


Complete the locker registration form below to reserve your locker. If you are lucky enough to secure a locker by completing the form below, your locker subscription will be added to your membership subscription. We will send an email confirmation of this alongside your locker number, location and subscription type. If you are not successful in reserving a locker, you will be placed on a locker waiting list for which you will receive an email confirmation.