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FEB 2019 – APRIL 2019


Tee Box Combine OPEN 2020

2020 is the inaugural year of the TEE BOX COMBINE. The competition will run over 4 months, from the beginning of January to the end of April 2020. There will be prizes available for the overall winners of the competition in their handicap categories, as well winners each month

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The competition will be completed on the infamous Trackman Combine, in order to find the ultimate ball-striker in their handicap category at Tee Box London. The Trackman Combine skills test is a raw 60 shot analysis of your ball striking and is regularly completed by some of the leading Tour Professionals in the World, inc, Tiger Woods, Justin Rose and Patrick Reed

The TEE BOX COMBINE will be divided into two different categories. All golfers with a handicap of 14.4 and below, and all those with a handicap of 14.5 and above. The golfer with the lowest combine score in their category at the end of their competition will be crowned the champion, with both golfers having their name permanently engraved on the Tee Box London honours board

As well as the full competition, you will also have a chance of winning some fantastic prizes in your category each month by scoring the lowest combine score that month. We will also have a best target competition, where each month a different target in the Trackman Combine will be randomly chosen and that person with the highest score on it across both categories, will receive a fantastic prize

The Tee Box Combine 2020 is open for everyone to join. Whether you are Male, Female, a Member at Tee Box or not.  All you have to do is complete a Trackman combine at Tee Box London. The entry fee is £30 for the whole competition, or just £10 to enter each month. In order to join today, click the entry button below and you will be taken to our sign up page where a secure online payment can be made

*Non-Members please note, entry for the Tee Box Combine 2020 does not include simulator hire of £60 p/hour 

The competition will be run from 1st February to 31st May 2020. Monthly winners will be announced via email, on our Winners page and our various communication channels. A live leader board for the TEE BOX COMBINE can also be viewed by visiting www.MyTrackman.com

*Please note, you can only view the leaderboard on MyTrackman.com once you have completed a combine at Tee Box London

  •  Players have unlimited attempts to obtain her/his best score. Only their best score is visible on the leaderboard each month(s).
  •  To be part of the competition, players must upload their score(s) to the leaderboard immediately after finalizing the Combine test
  •  A TrackMan Combine score cannot be adjusted for error measurements, nor can any shots be deleted. This includes misreads and non-tracked shots. Images of shots are randomly recorded with the TrackMan unit’s internal camera to verify division classification.
  • According to the rules set forth by the Governing Bodies of the USGA and the R&A, amateurs are only allowed to receive non-monetary prizes. Go to ‘Prizes for amateurs’ on this page for more information.
  • There is only one winner per category. If two or more players have tied scores, a backward countdown comparison from shot 60 (last shot) is executed until the player with the most points on a given shot is found. If more players have tied scores in the Target contest, the one with the best total combine score wins, if the total combine scores are tied the backwards countdown apply.
  • Scores count from the date the Combine test is performed (and not the day it’s uploaded to the leaderboard), so make sure to upload immediately after the TrackMan Combine is completed. Cutoff date for the monthly winner score is the last day of each month at midnight, UTC.
  •  Winners are noticed at the beginning of the next calendar month.