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The swing evaluation is a 50-minute session suitable for every level of golfer including complete beginners. It’s the first step on your improvement journey with Tee Box

Its stages are cleverly designed, so you walk away from your session with not just a clear understanding of the errors in your golf swing and why your golf shots are occurring but a custom action plan to improve both. Here’s what to expect…

Get Started

Chat with your coach about your game and where you want to improve

Your session begins by meeting your Tee Box Professional, eager to learn more about your golf to make the best recommendations for your improvement. We can provide equipment if you don’t own golf clubs or don’t want to bring your sticks to the office.

Tailored lesson plans for lasting improvement
Elite technology to quantify improvement

Hit some shots

Enjoy a virtual range session with your coach and experience the power of Trackman

By using dual ultra-slow motion cameras, your professional will analyse your swing in fine detail, explaining precisely what is causing the incorrect impact and suggesting a series of changes to improve it. This helps to ensure that your swing doesn’t just look better but also performs better, even on the closing stretch of a round.

improvement plan

Your coach will create a tailored improvement plan for you.

With the Swing Evaluation complete, your professional will build a bespoke lesson and practice plan for you, with achievable goals to help you stay committed to the journey.

Our beginner golf lessons are specifically designed to get you up and running
Access previous lesson content to help guide your practice sessions or rounds on the course

take away your data

Take home all the Trackman data and swing videos from your session

After the session, your coach will upload all the Trackman data and videos, as well as a video recap of the session, for you to review remotely on the Trackman app.

View a sample swing evaluation feedback video

Take the first step on your golfing journey and Book your swing evaluation today

The perfect introduction to Tee Box. Explore our golf practice facility, have a coaching session using
Trackman technology and take away a plan for lasting improvement
50-minute swing evaluation – £40
(free for Tee Box members)

We score 4.9/5 on Google. 362 reviews


As far as an introduction to golf can go, it doesn’t get much better than this. I was a rank amateur and the guys at tee box were super friendly and i was recommended to book a swing evaluation. My Tee Box pro was really understanding and helped me learn in just 45 minutes where i was going wrong. We then agreed on some lessons and i’m confident that i can now really get into golf with the right foundations. I couldn’t rate this place higher if i tried. Phenomenal service

Mike Key

Golf swing evaluation customer

I have been working with the Tee Box team now for over 2 years and cannot recommend them highly enough. I am a technically minded golfer so it is important for me to know not just what I need to be doing differently, but why. My Tee Box instructor makes sure I understand everything in detail as I go along and is a genius at creating drills that isolate and address parts of my swing. Needless to say I am a much better golfer than I was 2 years ago as a result.

Alistair McNab

Golf swing evaluation customer

These guys are the real deal. Had my initial swing evaluation which was at all times professional, practical and positive. My Tee Box coach is a great teacher, very understanding and interested. Looking forward to being a student here as his 2-3 basic changes have already resulted in huge improvements. Great studio, set-up and team.

Adam Garside

Golf swing evaluation customer

Get started a Tee Box with a swing evaluation today

Golf Lessons

Just need a one-off or handful of lessons to get you back in the game? Our PGA coaches are here to help.

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improve faster by practising and competing on the same performance enhancing technology as golf lessons.

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