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Your golfing colleague thinks that you may have decided now is the time for your best golf!

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You can’t experience the magic of Tee Box from a picture or a video

To truly experience the benefits of Tee Box, we created an exclusive 14 day trial, only offered to friends of our members in the month of June!


This will be limited to just 50 people, so get in quick!

What is included;


A introductory session with a practice specialist
2 x 60 minute practice sessions

If you are genuinely interested in improving your golf, then sign up below for this FREE trial worth £180
These 14 day trials will be limited, so if you are interested make sure you sign up now!

*This free trial would need to start at some point in June, but can extend into July if activated in June.


We cannot accept any incorrectly claimed referrals, they will need to be stated on the membership sign up form 

Your joining fee refund will be process within 24 hours of joining Tee Box