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How much do golf lessons cost? A complete guide

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Written by Harry Varney

Harry Varney is the co-director and owner of Tee Box London. A state-of-the-art indoor golf facility located in the heart of the City of London.

January 5, 2021

“A good golf lesson is worth a 1,000 range balls”

Lee Trevino

6-time major winner and hall of fame golfer Lee Trevino was always known for his exuberance, however. There is nothing overstated about this statement. I’d even go as far as to say that on many occasions, a good golf lesson can be worth a whole load more than even that! After one too many frustrating visits to your local driving range, you have probably come to the same conclusion, which is why you are here now, looking at how much a good golf lesson costs.

To help answer that question, we have researched for you and have laid out our findings below, along with all the factors that will influence their cost:-

The duration of the golf lesson and how long is too long?

The golf lesson’s length will be the simplest and first factor to consider when it comes to price. However, since there is no industry standard duration for a golf lesson, what is the correct length for you and your budget?

Generally, for “1 to 1” golf lessons, we don’t recommend lessons any shorter than 45 minutes in length.

During our research on the average cost of a golf lesson near you, the average duration was 30-60 minutes.

If there is little to no golf technology being used, 30-minute golf lessons can be acceptable. However, when video cameras/launch monitors are introduced, this is not enough time for the pupil to get the maximum benefit from their lessons and investment.

As such, in our comparisons for how much golf lessons cost near you, we have averaged out the cost for a golf lesson with your local golf professional to 45-minute lessons so that we can offer a fair comparison.

Golf lesson

The different types of golf lessons. (One to one, Indvidual Beginner or Group lessons)

The next thing to consider is the the type of golf lesson you’d like to take that suits your needs and budget. For the majority of you more experienced golfers, you will be taking “1 to 1” golf lessons, as they are more bespoke to the individual needs of your more developed golf game.

However, if you are a beginner golfer, you have a choice to consider between individual beginner or group golf lessons?

Individual beginner golf lessons

As a new golfer, your instructional needs are going to be less bespoke and advanced than that of someone who has played golf for many years, however, your desire too improve might be just as great. As such, for those golfers who wish for the faster improvements made in “1 to 1” lessons, without the larger price these more advanced lessons can come with, we strongly suggest you search for a facility that offers individual beginner golf lessons. They are a fantastic way to learn golf and improve quickly, without being put off by the price.


If the price of individual beginner golf lessons still puts you off, or you just wish to learn golf at a more casual pace and meet/socialise with like minded beginner golfers, group lessons are a fantastic way of doing this. At just £8-£16 p/session dependant on where you are located, your golf progression will undoubtedly take longer due to divided attention of the golf professional, but will still be made if you are working on a tighter budget

If you are unsure about the correct type of golf lesson for you, many facilities should offer a discounted or complimentary initial session so you can discuss and trial the correct type of lesson for you


Book a FREE 50-minute golf swing evaluation at Tee Box London today. Your golf improvement must start with a plan, a plan you receive from your golf swing evaluation


Once you have determined the ideal duration and type of golf lesson for you, your search can begin!

Like most things however, the cost of a golf lesson will likely vary based on your location. Similar to when you are in London and grab yourself a coffee!

To make things easy, we have done the research so you don’t have to, and displayed the average price of a golf lesson in your local area to ensure you are getting the best value for money

SOUTH WEST £38.75 £30 – £45
SOUTH EAST £60 £40 – £76
YORKSHIRE £39.75 £30 – £57
MIDLANDS £40.25 £33 – £52.50
NORTH WEST £45 £37.50 – £60
NORTH EAST £34 £22.50 – £42


*The average lesson price for each region was derived from research by Tee Box London. We looked at the top 3 search results on google for each County within each region. These prices are purely for private “1 to 1” lessons with the price either rounded up or down to 45 minutes. They do not include group or beginner lessons or any additional/hidden costs 

As you can see, not only does the average lesson price vary considerably from region to region, but also within the region itself. If that’s the case, what other variables should you therefore be taking into consideration during your search?


The golf technology being used during a golf lesson will be a key factor influencing it’s price. Below is a list of common technologies used during lessons, their influence on price and also their benefits

Slow motion video cameras and analysis

One major piece of advice we recommend when researching the costs of golf lessons near you is:-


The ability to watch a golf swing back in slow motion by a golf coach is absolutely critical, no matter the standard of golfer. As such, although golf lessons without this technology might be cheaper, we highly doubt you will be getting value for money, so recommend you avoid them!

Other benefits to using slow motion video analysis in lessons include:-

  • Tracking the improvement of your golf swing visually both during a lesson, and a course of lessons
  • Receiving video notes from your golf coach at the end of each lesson with details and visuals of exactly what you worked on and why. Perfect for viewing just before your next trip to the driving range


Launch monitors are the next most common technology you might see offered during golf lessons that will influence the cost. What on earth are those I hear you ask?!

Launch monitors measure the golf ball, and sometimes the golf club, before, during and after hitting a golf shot. Things that are impossible to see or measure with the human eye, or even a slow motion camera


The major benefits of using launch monitors during golf lessons are:-

Improving your golf ball’s flight

By analysing the ball data measured by the launch monitor, your golf professional will able to decipher what elements of the ball’s flight need too improve in order for your golf too improve.

As an example, your data might suggest that you are flighting the golf ball too high and spinning it too much, making it very difficult to play golf in the wind

 Improving your golf club at impact

As mentioned, all launch monitors measure the golf ball, but only some measure the golf club. The golf club’s data at impact is vital as the golf club is predominantly responsible for determining where the golf ball finishes. Therefore by measuring and ultimately improving impact, your golf shots will be better.

For instance, the launch monitor might tell your golf professional that your golf ball went to the right, because your golf club was pointing there at impact. Thus, by improving your golf club and having it point more to the left, your ball will stop going right and go straighter.

Tracking your progress

Arguably one of the launch monitor’s most valuable tools is its ability to upload the data for every single shot hit during a session online. A handy tool for not only tracking the improvements made during a single lesson but throughout the course of lessons

Launch monitor


There are many launch monitors on the market that range in price from £200 to £20,000. The Trackman 4 launch monitor is widely considered the most accurate due it’s patented dual radar system, and the fact that 49 of the top 50 golfers in the world use it, including Tiger Woods, Dustin Johnson and Brooks Koepka. However, it is also the most expensive.

As such, cheaper competitors than the TM4 that provide less data and accuracy will generally result in cheaper lessons.

If you would like to learn more about the types of golf launch monitors available, including their features and benefits to your lessons, we suggest you read this fantastic article from ADD AN ARTICLE NAME

Other Golf Technology that might be available

Other bits of golf technology that you might find offered during lessons are:-

  • 3D Analysis
  • Ground Reaction Force Plates
  • Pressure Plates
  • Wrist Measurement Devices

Although all the above can undoubtedly offer further benefits to your golf lessons, the extents to which are widely debated. One thing we can say for certain is, unlike the launch monitors and video cameras, if you are not playing golf at a relatively good standard already, the benefits of using these additional technologies is going to be extremely minimal, and even in those cases, they are by no means a necessity


And finally, the last thing to take into account when assessing the costs of golf lessons near you is also inevitably the most variable and hardest to find! The quality of the golf instructor himself.

Although extremely worthwhile, most golf professionals can purchase expensive technology for golf lessons and charge more as a result. What’s not as easy, is investing in your own knowledge in order to use the technology to provide simple and efficient improvement in your clients.

Let’s go through a quick checklist of criteria you will want to apply to each professional to ensure you are getting the best value for money


Two man talking to each other


The vast majority of golf instructors you find online will be PGA (Professional Golfers Association) qualified, which although there are varying levels of, will make it hard to differentiate between a highly qualified instructor and one that is not. As well as offering golf technology, a local golf instructor who is at the higher end of the price range should also have greater qualifications. As such, some fantastic certifications that we suggest you look for when examining your local golf instructors price are:-


  • Trackman Level 1, 2 or Master Certified
  • Jacobs 3D Ambassador
  • Scott Cowx Certified
  • Tee Box Certified


The experience of a golf coach is also an important factor when assessing the price of a golf lesson. Many golf coaches who have taught for a long period of time and have a higher PGA status as a result, will generally charge more than golf coaches new to the scene. However, this does not always mean you are getting a higher level of coaching service. A blend of increased knowledge through qualifications and experience is the key to providing the best possible lesson service. Coaching the same thing for 30+ years does not mean you become a better coach, it just means you get better at coaching the same things. Some additional criteria therefore that you might want to look at are:-

  • Reviews – Look at the instructors reviews online, specifically on “Google”. How many reviews do they have? Are they all positive?
  • Online Videos – Look online and see whether the golf professional has created any content online (videos/blogs). Is the content professionally presented? Do you like how the golf professional presents himself? Any content put online by the golf professional will give you a good idea of their standard of service
  • Case Studies/Referrals – If you are playing golf with someone who is recommending a local golf professional, ask yourself, is he getting any better? If he hasn’t got any better after a long time working with the coach, it’s probably best to avoid taking lessons with them!  


Now your search is complete, there is one last thing we must mention. Keep an eye out for any additional costs!

ALL instructors should and MOST do state these on their website, but please make sure you read the finer details so there’s none of these unexpected costs when you arrive. Especially if you are working on a tight budget


If you decide to take golf lessons at a local Driving range, sometimes the cost for the golf balls are not included in the lesson price. This is because most driving ranges charge the golf instructor for using their golf balls, even during lessons, so they will then expect you to pay for your own golf balls as a result. This can add as much as £5-£15 to the price of a lesson!


If you’ve decided you would like to use a launch monitor during your golf lessons, that’s a fantastic choice, but beware!

At some driving ranges, there will often be an additional cost to the lesson for this as there might only be one or two launch monitors available in the whole facility to share between 6-7 professionals.


This will be especially relevant to beginner golfers who do not own their own golf clubs yet, as some facilities might charge extra for you to borrow their golf clubs during either beginner or group lessons

*These additional costs will not be relevant at any indoor golf facilities. The price for all of the above are always included in the lesson price at indoor golf facilities, so there won’t be any nasty surprises. 

These additional costs can make the price of a golf lesson far more expensive than the rate advertised, so please do your research before hand, whether that be online or by ringing the facility so you aren’t hit with any unexpected costs!


The cost of a golf lesson can vary widly based on the duration, type, location, technology used and qualities of the golf professional. When searching for golf lessons near you with a budget in mind, be sure to take all of these factors into account to ensure you get the most value for money from your golf lessons

Before purchasing any lessons make sure to check whether the facility offers any discounted or free initial sessions. At Tee Box London, we offer every new visitor a FREE 50-minute golf swing evaluation. To learn more about the benefits of the session and book, click here 


Book a FREE 50-minute golf swing evaluation at Tee Box London today. Your golf improvement must start with a plan, a plan you receive from your golf swing evaluation

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